Best Furnace and Duct Cleaning Service in Edmonton, Alberta


Duct Cleaning Services​

Duct Cleaning Edmonton offers residential (homes and apartments), commercial (offices, warehouses), industrial (working spaces, production floors) and institutional (schools, universities, hospitals) duct and furnace cleaning services in Edmonton and its surrounding areas. Do not wait for your dirty ducts or furnaces to become a health-compromising problem for you and your loved ones or your employees. We provide the following Duct and Furnace Cleaning services:

Duct Cleaning Services
Brush Cleaning

Brush Cleaning

Brush cleaning offers top quality cleaning results and is the most thorough cleaning process. The first step in this process is to use Whip airline. Specialized Rotary Brush is sent down each vent and shaft to break down debris which loosens dust, forcing the debris to our suction source with the whip airline. This package includes Full dryer vent system cleaning, hot water tank burn pack cleaning and replacement of furnace filter at no additional charge. Standard Furnace Cleaning only includes blowing out the vents with compressed air and basic cleaning service but at Edmonton Duct cleaning we do not offer that.

Whip Cleaning

One of our most recommended packages is the ‘Whip Cleaning’ process in which hot and cold sides of the furnace are isolated independently through suction source. Whip airline is sent down vents and shaft, then specialized airline rods are used to draw the accumulated material for final removal. Whip Cleaning package includes full furnace cleaning, full dryer vent system cleaning, Hot water tank burn pack cleaning and furnace filter is replaced at no additional cost.

Furnace Cleaning

Over passage of time dirt, dust and debris is collected within the furnace blower and electrical components, which reduces its efficiency and leads to costly repairs. Furnace is one of the most important parts of the home and getting it professionally cleaned is highly recommended over a period of two years. We are the best furnace cleaning service in Edmonton providing competitive quality and cheapest rates.

Duct Cleaning And Sanitization

Edmonton Duct Cleaning provides professional duct cleaning and sanitization that guarantees that there will be no dust or debris left inside, resulting in free flow of fresh air. Removing unwanted particles will allow better air circulation in the ducts and better furnace operation.

Sanitization will kill Bacteria, Parasites and Dust mites that may re-enter the furnace system once the cleaning process has completed.

Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioning units accumulate dust and debris due to temperature changes and humidity levels, generating ideal conditions for growth and spread of infectious microorganisms. Few people are aware of the damage being done due to dirty air conditioning ducts and affecting their health in a negative way. Not only that, but it also affects the cost one pays for air conditioning as well. Call Duct Cleaning Edmonton for professional air conditioning vent and duct cleaning.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer efficiency reduces over time due to lint build up in dryer lines, leading to higher electricity costs. It not only increases energy wastage and cost but also becomes a fire hazard as lint is a highly flammable substance. Dryer Vent cleaning is highly important so call Edmonton duct cleaning and we will give you a no obligation free price quote for Dryer vent cleaning in Edmonton.

Dryer Vent Cleaning
Water Heater Care

Regular cleaning of water heater leads to savings on your electricity bill. Water heaters today have an average lifetime of at least 12 years but without proper care their life is shortened by 25%.  Regular maintenance is much cheaper than replacing a water heater. Water heater cleaning service includes burners, pilot vents and replacement of anode rods that prevent electrolytic corrosion. Water heater care prevents inefficient combustion and any risk of carbon monoxide being released into the home. Not only that, but regular cleaning also prevents rust out and stained water from circulating in your home. Call Duct Cleaning Edmonton for exclusive discounts on packages and special rates for water heater care in Edmonton.

Carpet Cleaning

Dirty carpets can result in health conditions such as allergies, asthma, respiratory problems, and coughing. Not only that, it accumulates soil dirt and dust mites, wearing down carpet and damaging it unless professional carpet cleaning is done. This results in healthier living conditions. At Duct Cleaning Edmonton we have the knowledge and expertise required to do the best carpet cleaning in Edmonton. We use the latest carpet cleaning devices and technology. We use Hot water extraction which is the method recommended by major carpet manufacturers. Steam cleaning carpet eliminates harmful indoor pollutants such as smoke, dust, mold and much more. Not only that, but steam cleaning also reduces unpleasant odors and removed stains from carpets. You can restore carpet colors and make your house look cleaner with the rotary jet extractor and its incredible scrubbing. Call now and get a quote for the best carpet cleaning service with no obligation.